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Are you struggling with your mental health or addiction to drugs and/or alcohol?  The mental health and addiction professionals at Solace Counseling are here to help!  We have specialists that can help with various mental health needs and addiction.  Our programs are tailored to the individual with the highest emphasis placed on your success.

Reach out today to speak with a caring member of our staff and schedule your appointment at 214-522-4640 so that we can start your journey to recovery and healing together.

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Painkiller Addiction: How to Help Yourself or a Loved One

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How many people suffer from Addiction in America?

How many people suffer from depression worldwide?

What our patients have to say…

Solace is a great program. It is, in my opinion , the best treatment center out there , and for 3 main reasons. 1- If you dont have any money northstar will cover %95 of the total cost. You are only required to pay a $20.00 copay for your prescription. 2- If you are a opiate dependent addict(pain pills,morphine,and heroin) you have the option of doing Ambulatory Detox. That means outpatient detox. This is done throughout the course of 5 days. During those 5 days you are evaluated each day and administered medication according to your daily evaluation. In my case I was given a daily dose of suboxin and I continue to take it. Suboxin is a miracle of science. 3- The final reason I believe this to be one of the best programs out there is the fact that they have group sessions 5 days a week.

I cant stress enough the importance of group therapy especially in early recovery. It helps me to know that other people are going through the same pain I am. If I would have never found solace I would without a doubt be dead and burried.

I want to thank all the staff at the Solace Center but in particular Dr. Chad Collom and Carla Weatherford.  Chad recommended that I do the treatment plan of TMS.  I started the six-week treatment plan with high trepidations.  My fear of undergoing this treatment stemmed from the fact that two of my family members had gone thru Electro Shock treatments in the late 1950s and 1960s.  Those treatments were torment for them and I was expecting the same.  But TMS is a new and very different experience.  Dr. Collom and Carla Weatherford were reassuring and helped me every step of the way.

You have two wonderful people at Solace in both Chad and Carla.  Thank goodness for their talent and recommending me for this full treatment plan.  You have the greatest staff. I have also been able to eliminate and reduce many of my medications. Sincerely and with highest gratitude to both Dr. Collom and Carla Weatherford.

In his research, my husband found Solace Counseling. He begged me to meet with the TMS Treatment Coordinator, Carla Weatherford, at their Dallas location just to hear what she had to say. She explained how TMS Therapy could help me and answered our questions about how Solace was different from the other facility. There was never any pressure to sign up and we left with a book written by a lady who went through TMS Therapy before it was approved by insurance companies as well as other helpful information.

I found out that this was going to be much more affordable than I was originally told. In addition, my insurance would pay for a larger portion than what I had been told previously and that Solace would treat me based on my own psychiatrist’s recommendation. After meeting Dr. Patel, getting my psychiatrist’s approval of him, the facility, and TMS, and speaking with Carla, I was cautiously optimistic. I could say I’m happy to have my life back, but the reality is, TMS has given me a life I never had. And I’m grateful to my husband for not giving up and to Carla Weatherford at Solace Counseling for taking the time to talk with me. 

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