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An estimated 1 in 10 Americans suffer from major depressive disorder (MDD), and for many, medications and psychotherapy are not working. MDD is the leading cause of disability in the U.S. for ages 15 to 44 It affects more than 15 million American adults, or about 6.7 percent of the U.S. population age 18 and older in a given year. The STAR*D study, the largest clinical trial of MDD ever conducted, showed that the rate of remission goes down with each new medication needed. If you’ve tried 3 or more medications, the chance of remission was just 7%.

For those experiencing medication-resistant major depression, anxious depression, or Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), or those experiencing medication intolerance due to severe side effects, there is another proven option for effective relief.

Drug-free Depression Treatment That Works For You

TMS is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy, a non-drug treatment for major depression. TMS uses focused magnetic pulses, similar to an MRI, to reignite dormant synapses in the brain and help your brain function the way it was meant to. It is not a drug, “shock” therapy, or surgery. It is a safe, effective treatment for MDD, Anxiety, OCD and other diagnoses without the common side effects of medication.

     Does NeuroStar hurt?

  • During each 19-minute session, a cushioned coil is precisely placed against your head while magnetic pulses deliver the therapy to the correct location that regulates mood in your brain. You may feel a tapping, tingling, or warming sensation where the coil is positioned. This is usually temporary and subsides with subsequent treatments. You will be awake and alert during the treatment and may resume regular activities immediately afterward.

     What is NeuroStar?

  • NeuroStar is a drug-free treatment for depression that uses transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) to activate parts of the brain that are underactive in people with depression. NeuroStar uses focused magnetic pulses, similar to an MRI, to reignite dormant synapses in the brain and help your brain function the way it was meant to. It is not a drug, “shock” therapy, or surgery. It is a safe, effective treatment for Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) without the common side effects of medication.

  Does NeuroStar work?

  • A real-world study reported an 83% response rate. This means that 83% of patients who completed their NeuroStar treatment cycle saw measurable improvement in their depression symptoms. The same real-world study reported a 62% remission rate. This means that 62% of patients that completed their NeuroStar treatment cycle likely wouldn’t be diagnosed with depression if they were first being evaluated by their doctor. NeuroStar works for people with treatment-resistant depression, and not just while you’re being treated. NeuroStar is the only TMS treatment that has proven to be effective for a year.

When will you see results?

Many TMS patients start to see improvement around 2 to 3 weeks of treatment. That can include changes in mood, fewer days of depression, and increased desire to engage with other people more often. In fact, your friends and family may notice your results before you do! Completing the full treatment course gives the best chance for delivering long-lasting relief from depression. As with any therapy, completion is key. Completing the full 6-8week course of TMS treatment gives the best chance for delivering long lasting relief from depression.

Real World Outcomes

NeuroStar Advanced TMS therapy is an outpatient treatment that takes as little as 18 minutes per session. A study of real-world outcomes reported an 83% response rate which means patients experienced notable relief, and a 62% remission rate which means their depression effectively went away.

Tips And Insights From Actual NeuroStar Patients

Those who have received and provided NeuroStar TMS Therapy have some helpful tips for those considering NeuroStar as a treatment option.

Is NeuroStar covered by insurance?

Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Cigna, Aetna, UMR, Magellan, and other insurance companies cover NeuroStar TMS Therapy, and our TMS Coordinators work with NeuroStar Reimbursement Specialists to obtain you benefit information and submit TMS authorization requests (when required) to your insurance company.

NeuroStar TMS Therapy With Solace Counseling

NeuroStar is being used in over 1,100 practices nationwide, and in 2009 Solace Counseling became only the second practice in the DFW Metroplex to offer NeuroStar TMS Therapy. We provide TMS therapy at both our Plano and Dallas offices, and we offer flexible hours for your treatments.

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Solace Counseling TMS Patient Testimonials

Timothy S

My Experience with Solace Counseling has been wonderfully life changing and I am glad I am in your care! My TMS treatments has really did its job and I feel great and would strongly recommend anyone to this treatment and facility. I was nervous going to do my first treatment but was quickly assured that I was in good hands. BTW Madina you need a raise for sure you just don’t get the level of comfort and support that you give anymore! Seriously though you are a blessing in disguise just your personality alone helps your overall experience there you’re awesome! Again, I recommend Solace Counseling to anyone!! TMS helped me in so many ways it’s a must try if anyone is wondering. 😊 Trust the process it works!

Tina E

I was very apprehensive about undergoing TMS therapy. The idea of doing anything to my brain was very scary. My anxiety was off the charts, and my depression was preventing me from accepting the treatment. When I went in for my first treatment, Madina Zaheer made me feel very comfortable. She explained the process again for my comfort and showed me what each piece of the TMS machine did. She made me feel a little less nervous.

The treatment process was pretty simple. The worst part was the loud clanging of the machine. The little zap at the beginning of each round was not comfortable, but it didn’t hurt. The time passed pretty quickly. Sometimes I just closed my eyes and rested. Other times, Madina and I talked about all sorts of things. She was also a good listener when I was having a bad day with my anxiety and depression.  She was very encouraging which made me keep coming for the daily appointments. We developed a pretty awesome conversational relationship, and I trusted her completely with my treatment.

It has now been around 5 months since my last treatment. I do see the difference between the me before therapy and the me after therapy. I no longer have that feeling of doom as if nothing can make me better. I have stopped crying daily. I am no longer afraid of going to places with a lot of people like the grocery store and Target. I’m still a little unsure about places with hundreds of people, but I am working on that. My sleep schedule is more normal, and I have had fewer bad dreams. I am able to genuinely smile or laugh at jokes. And when something bad or unplanned happens in my life, I don’t shut down. I may need a little time, but I do not wallow in that place. I am able to lift my own mood rather than going down the depression tunnel and spiraling. I am so happy and relieved that I did TMS Therapy.

Jennifer J

TMS started to work right away. Within about the first 2 weeks I felt more “pulled together” and better able to cope with stuff. Afterward I definitely have more energy and more initiative to tackle things. I haven’t noticed a huge difference as to mood, i.e., feeling less “sad”, but I wasn’t really “sad” beforehand, just uninterested in everything. I have a lot more interest now. There were some side effects such as becoming irrationally angry, and being very tired, but the anger went away after treatment and the being tired is subsiding. Also, I have not had a migraine since the treatment ended. So overall, very positive. The worst part was having to drive across town every morning!

Anonymous Dallas Patient

Madina is a god send! She helped me tremendously with the entire TMS process from start to finish. I lacked so much motivation so having a coordinator that was with me step by step and taking care of all the financial breaks downs was a huge relief. Not only was she reassuring when I was anxious but she talked to me about what remission would look like which gave me hope. I was dealing with MDD and anxiety for 20+ years and after I was referred to Madina by a friend who had treatment with her as well, I felt the need I had to take that step to get help. Dealing with suicidal ideation, panic attacks and a cloud of depression over my head everyday was tiring but after about 2 weeks not only did I notice a huge change in me but so did others around me. My work performance and daily tasks all felt easier. Madina was so professional but also laid back when it came to us talking every day since treatment consist of 36 sessions. Having a place where I could vent and hear others experience helped a lot. Many people are scared of TMS but it is the BEST noninvasive treatment out there. You go in for about 18-30 minutes and get magnetic stimulation which feels like rapid tapping and then leave. Never knew my neurons needed to become more activated. My suicidal ideation lifted and my relationships improved around me. There might be ups and downs during the treatment as situation stressors come across but be patient. The only side effect I experienced the first week (which Madina made me aware of) was a light headache for about an hour after treatment and then was fine. To recap everything…do TMS it can change your life!

Anonymous Plano Patient

When my psychiatric nurse first told me about Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), I was skeptical. I had never heard of it before and didn’t think anything could work for me. However, after my first week of treatment, I started noticing some minor changes. By the end of my second week, I was sleeping better and had more energy. Before I knew it, I was on a journey I had not expected.

At the end of my TMS treatments, I felt so good and normal that I was telling everyone about it. I was upset that TMS was not the first line of defense for depression and that medication was the only thing advertised on TV. TMS is not just another band-aid or pill. It is a treatment that has a 70 to 80 percent success rate, which is much better than going at it alone or using medication.

After my TMS treatment was done, I told everyone. Dr. Patel and his staff truly saved my life. They understand depression, and they can help treat you. Sometimes medicine is not for everyone, but regardless of who you are, I think everyone should at least try this life-changing modality.


Anonymous Plano Patient

From the first phone call with Julie, I felt comfortable. She explained all details of TMS so that I could make an informed decision. On the first day of TMS Julie took the time to explain everything we were doing and how the 36 treatments would proceed. Julie is knowledgeable, personable, patient, empathetic and very supportive. 

I continue to see results. Overall, I feel better equipped to navigate my daily life. 

Would absolutely recommend TMS and Julie!


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