TeleMed Instructions


We use the program

On your Desktop/Laptop Computer: Use the Chrome or Firefox; On your Android device: Use the Chrome browser
On your IPhone/IPad: Locate on Safari

How to check in for your visit:

1.  Enter your clinician’s or counselor’s web address into the browser:

Dr. Dhiren Patel, DO:

Dr. Chad Collom,

Alice Hudson,

Britton Bahador NP:

Tonya  Williams, MSN, APRN,

Jennifer Autry,

Vickie White, LPC:

John Freeman, LPC:

2.  Allow your browser to use your webcam and microphone.

3.  Type in your name and click “Check In”.

Once you have checked in, you are in our virtual waiting room. Your provider will log in shortly.

4. Your provider will start your visit.

Thank you.