1. Possible Side Effects – If there are any side effects of the drug, it can lead to more drugs to compensate for the side effects. This can be a dangerous pattern and should be researched with a doctor before pursuing.

2. Counseling – Consider counseling before mind-modifying drugs. If the drug is not necessarily needed, it can cause greater issues in the future, both physically and mentally. Counseling is a safe and effective step before drugs should be considered. If a counselor recommends a behavioral drug, don’t hesitate to ask questions and for alternatives.

3. Mild Alternatives – When being offered behavioral drugs for your child, ask the doctor for any mild alternatives that you can begin with, or any natural substitutes that can have a similar effect. Consider all the possible alternatives before making a decision.

4. Changes at Home – Changes in environment and diet can make a compelling difference in behavior. Reducing fat and sugar-laden foods can help control excess energy in a child and can calm many symptoms of a behavioral disorder. Monitoring sleeping habits and television time can also help with possible behavioral issues. Try these simple steps before considering a drug solution and the drug may not even be necessary.

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