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Ambulatory Outpatient Detoxification Treatment operates as a stand-alone treatment which is significantly different from traditional residential or hospital-based detox programs.

Outpatient detox is a medical method designed to safely detox patients from drugs and alcohol without a hospital admission. Patients addicted to opiate prescription medications or addicted to illegal opiates such as heroin, may especially benefit from an outpatient detox. In the last several years, the FDA has approved the use of medications such as Suboxone and Subutex (Buprenorphine) to assist in the withdrawal from opiates.

These new treatments have greatly advanced the ability to detox in an outpatient setting. This level of service includes assessment and patient observation, medical history, monitoring of vital signs, treatment of withdrawal symptoms, and referrals for ongoing addiction and substance abuse treatment. Outpatient detox may be followed with either an intensive or a less intensive outpatient-counseling program depending on individual patient needs.

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