There are many people in the U.S. who misuse and abuse behavioral drugs. Sometimes the drugs are abused in order to improve focus, other times they are misused as a self-medication to resolve a self-diagnosis. If either is the case, here are some dangers to consider before self-medicating with behavioral drugs.

1. Organ damage – Taking an unhealthy dose of behavioral drugs that are not prescribed by your doctor can result in organ damage. Filtering organs are not designed to filter large doses of chemical compounds of any kind, so it is important to consult your doctor before partaking of any drug.

2. Reverse effects – If the drug you are taking was not prescribed to you, it could actually have the reverse effects that you expect it to have. Some drugs prescribed to ADHD or ADD individuals differ because of different symptoms. You may be experiencing something different, and by taking a behavioral drug without consultation and prescription could result in effects worse than the initial problem.

3. Dependency – If you take a drug that is not prescribed to you that you may not need, you could quickly build up an unnatural dependency for it. This means that you could build a requirement for your body to have the drug in your system in order to function normally.

If you feel you are suffering from ADHD, please consult your doctor before taking any prescription drugs or reach out to Solace Counseling today!