If someone you know is struggling with a drug addiction, it is important to be there and support them through this hard time. But how can you be supportive? Here are a couple of ways to be supportive.

1. Hate the substance, not the addict – Make sure to be blaming the drug, not the addict. Your friend or family member is not the problem; they are simply struggling from a problem. Help your friend or family member remove the problem, not treat your friends family member as the problem.

2. Support the good, not ridicule the bad – Celebrate progress and good behavior. If there is a relapse or time of struggle, help them get through this rough period. Self-esteem is a large part of substance use disorder, so by shaming them at bad times can only lead to worsening of the symptoms.

3. Don’t cradle – There is a difference between supporting and enabling the addicted individual. The addiction is not okay, and it is important your friend or family member understands that. Don’t cradle your loved one because of the addiction; support your loved one and their need to become sober and clean.

If you are concerned you or a family member may be struggling with Substance Use Disorder reach out to Solace Counseling today to discuss options. We can start your journey to recovery and healing together.