Prescription drugs are not bad if taken as prescribed, however, misuse can pose a harmful issue. Being aware of possible problems you may face with your prescription is important. Above all, consulting your doctor on the conditions of your prescription is imperative.

1. Reliance – With a lot of prescription drugs, becoming reliant on them is easy. If the drug is used for an extensive period of time, the body and mind can become dependent on them and can cause withdrawal symptoms or addiction.

2. Addictive qualities – Some prescription drugs such as opioids are designed to make the mind and body feel better. These drugs tend to carry with them highly addictive properties. Limiting and avoiding use whenever possible is important.

3. Lack of alternatives – The main problem with prescription drugs is the current lack of alternatives that are as effective, but don’t contain the side effects. While there are those who are working tirelessly to reduce addictive properties while maintaining the effectiveness of drugs, the situation remains right now, so being aware of the side effects of the drugs you are taking is important.

Being aware of the possibility of an addiction is a step in the right direction. If you’re questioning an addiction to prescription drugs, contact Solace Counseling, and we can be there for you.