There is a tough fight on the road to recovery for individuals who become addicted to prescription drugs. If this addiction goes untreated for a long period of time, this struggle is made more difficult. Most prescription drug addicts do not admit to having a problem until they are very deep into their addiction. Family and friends play an important role in identifying that their loved ones receive treatment for their addiction.

Every individual is different. Drug habits vary according to the drugs in question. The following symptoms are the majority that are seen in those who have developed a prescription drug problem.

1. Euphoric Behavior- Opiate-based painkillers such as oxycontin will cause temporary euphoria by individuals when taking them.

2. Aches, pains, Nagging Illnesses- In between doses the individual is likely to develop moderate illnesses and aches and pains. Prescription drugs alter the nerves in the brain that regulate pain and illness. When the drug intake stops, the body is often thrown into anarchy.

3. Irritability and Mood Swings- In between doses, individuals can have mood swings. This can cause anxiety and depression.

4. Chills and Fever- Fever-like symptoms are a sign of withdrawal. The body reacts to having the flu when an individual stops taking the prescription.

5. Withdrawal From Family and Friends- To the one who is addicted, nothing is more important than finding and taking the drug in question.

6. Unethical Behavior- Prescription Drug Addicts may ‘doctor shop’ as well as steal from family and friends.

7. Criminal Behavior- Finally, many prescription drug addicts will steal money to support their habit. Also some will engage in prostitution and robberies of doctor’s offices and pharmacies.