1. Prescription drugs, if moderated, are the equivalent of over-the-counter medicine – The reason prescription drugs require a doctor’s signature is because they are significantly more powerful than over-the-counter drugs. Because they are more potent, they can cause serious issues if not used properly and only when prescribed.

2. Prescription drugs aren’t as dangerous as illegal drugs – A study done in Florida determined that three times as many Americans die from prescription drugs vs. illegal drugs such as heroin or cocaine. A staggering statistic considering the common misunderstanding that prescription drugs are not as dangerous.

3. Prescription drugs aren’t as addicting as illegal drugs – Many prescription painkillers are opiates, which can be highly addicting. The greater danger of prescription drugs is the addiction can come quick and without notice. It is important if prescribed a painkiller to only use it if absolutely necessary and consult a physician before considering a refill.

4. No negative effects recovering from surgery, so continued use should have no side effects – There are several reasons why a prescription bottle of drugs is limited to a small amount. The drug can become addicting, can cause brain damage if abused, or it can cause organ damage or failure if used repeatedly over time. Prescription drugs have their purpose, but once that purpose is satisfied, it is imperative to your health to discontinue use.

5. Doctors cannot provide illegal substances – This misconception is two-fold. A prescription drug is not illegal initially, but if it is not prescribed properly, it becomes illegal. A doctor can also be willing to sacrifice the duty of his position to provide prescription drugs illegally. It is important to understand that simply because it is a prescription drug, does not make it legal in the wrong hands.

Prescription drug addiction can be a difficult thing to live with and cause damage to yourself and your loved ones. If you’re struggling with drug addiction, don’t hesitate to contact Solace Counseling. We can be there for you and get you through.