Recognizing an addiction is the first step to solving the problem. Here are a few steps in identifying an addiction.

1. Sleeping habits – An increase in sleeping or a lack of ability to sleep can be related to drug addiction. Irregular sleeping patterns are on the HALLMARK symptoms of withdrawal from numerous substances.

2. Headaches – Withdrawal from a relatively mild substance such as caffeine can cause painful headaches. Strong prescription drugs can produce dependency and may cause your body to feel pain when you attempt to discontinue the drug. Headaches are a common symptom of such withdrawal.

3. Honesty – When it comes to prescription drugs, such as strong painkillers, you know when you no longer need the drug. If the pain is significantly improved, most people will discontinue the use but you are finding yourself needing more prescription drugs, in the absence of pain then reevaluate the dependency. Being honest with yourself can save you heartache later.

If you are concerned you or a family member may be struggling with Substance Use Disorder reach out to Solace Counseling today to discuss options. We can start your journey to recovery and healing together.