The side effects of a prescription drug can be more important than the symptoms the drug is curing. Asking your doctor a few questions about the drug being prescribed can help save you some pain later.
1. Are there any possible side effects? Be sure to ask your doctor about the possible side effects of taking the drug. Sometimes the side effects can bring about more medication that must be taken. This situation can get expensive, and in some cases, dangerous.

2. What is the possibility of addiction? Before taking a prescription drug, it is important to consider the possibility of addiction. Opioids can be particularly addicting, so reducing dosage or the amount of pills can be a small step to avoiding addiction.

3. Are there any alternatives? Ask for natural or mild alternatives that can reduce the possibility of side effects or addiction. In many cases, there are foods or over-the-counter medicines that can provide a similar effect to your symptoms that have fewer or mild side effects.

Being aware of the possibility of an addiction is a step in the right direction. If you’re questioning an addiction to prescription drugs, contact Solace Counseling, and we can be there for you.