1. Addictive qualities – Over-the-counter medicines rarely carry with them an addictive quality, however a large percentage of prescription drugs have an addictive side effect. Consult your doctor on the possible addictive qualities of any prescription drug you may be taking.

2. Risk of overdose – While certainly possible with any drug and should be avoided at any cost, the side effects and possibility of overdose with an over-the-counter drug is unlikely and not as dangerous. A prescription drug, however, can be deadly if over used or mixed with other drugs. It is important to follow dosage carefully and consult your doctor on combining this drug with any others.

3. Dangers of extensive use – The only negative side effect of extensive over-the-counter drug use is generally an immunity built for the effects of the drug. Extensive prescription drug use can cause organ failure over time and bring about a dependency.

Prescription drug addiction can be a difficult thing to live with and cause damage to yourself and your loved ones. If you’re struggling with drug addiction, don’t hesitate to contact Solace Counseling. We can be there for you and get you through.