Alcoholism is a common addiction in today’s society. There are many characteristics of alcoholism, and here are three to keep an eye out for if you are concerned you or a friend or family member may be suffering from alcoholism.

1. Cannot socialize without alcohol – If you or a loved one feels the need to bring alcohol or address alcohol at every social gathering, it is possible that person may be suffering from alcoholism. There is nothing wrong with alcohol at social gatherings, but if one is incapable of socializing without it could pose a problem.

2. Alcohol is always present – In the home, in the refrigerator, or in hand, if alcohol is always present, one may be struggling with an addiction to alcohol. A constant presence of alcohol can be caused by or led by depression, so discussing the problem is important.

3. Always inebriated when alcohol present – If you or a loved one is incapable of controlling oneself in the presence of alcohol, that is a telltale sign of alcoholism. Constantly in an inebriated state, when around alcohol shows a lack of self-control and addictive qualities associated with.

If you are concerned you or a family member may be struggling with alcoholism reach out to Solace Counseling today to discuss options. We can start your journey to recovery and healing together.